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Taking advantage in the woods

p1100150Usually by the beginning of November most leaves have been blown off the trees and are lying soggily on the ground. So I knew when I looked out of my window yesterday morning, after a small overnight frost, and looking at blue skies, and lots of gorgeous leaves turning red and gold, I knew that if I didn’t act quickly, I wouldn’t get the chance to take the photos that I knew were out there, calling me to take!

I grabbed my camera and headed out, and I knew exactly the best place to go……


A local wood that is old enough to have older and bigger trees, and close enough for me to walk to without getting in the car. And big enough to have enough diverse trees giving me loads of different colours and sizes of leaves and tones to capture and see. And has wide enough bridle paths running by it that would give me even better chances of better photos.


I was out for two whole hours taking these photos, and during that time walked past four different men to nod and say hello to, one the farmer on his tractor, one a man riding a bike with his dog running alongside at full belt, one a man with a very bouncy younger dog that was wanting to come over and say hello, and an older man who I had a conversation with about the autumnal colours of the trees as he walked by, and since I knew having him in the photo would enhance the look of them, quickly took some shots as he disappeared off down the lane!

I was totally enamoured with the walk, the golden lighting, the soft purple shadows, the golden leaves, and crisp sunny air.



And when I got home, I knew there were quite a few photos… I just dp1100222idn’t realise quite how many until I downloaded all….er…. 224 of them..


Well.. I always say you can tell how much I like something by how many photos I take of it!

p1100217Here’s just a small selection of the ones I took, but you can see why I was so enamoured with the day, and the colours, being with nature, and being out in the countryside.

I did a watercolour painting some years ago of autumn trees with a couple walking below them (that sold very quickly at a local exhibition) and I have a feeling that I may well be soon inspired to paint another one!!