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Over from the back seat and back in the spotlight

I know when I have conversations with people who might want a painting done, that they have every intention of doing it. Every.

But things sometimes conspire to stop their intention.

So I always say that I don’t believe I’ve actually got a sale until I have the money in my hand for it.

Because I know from past experience that art may be wonderful and uplifting and fabulous, and heart warming, and inspirational.

But if you’ve got to pay for a holiday, or a new car, or the mortgage, or clothes for the kids, then art takes a back seat.

So, I put the discussion on hold, and keep my notes in a dark corner. Sometimes the notes stay in the dark corner for ever.

And sometimes they come to light again. Acrylic paints

And that has happened this last week.

The conversation that was the original one, wasn’t this year.

Neither was it last year.

But it might have been the one before that….

So, time has passed.

But the intention was still there, on behalf of the client to have it done.

And the artist – ME – who was all fired up and highly excited and motivated to do it for the client when it was first discussed.

And now it has come to light again…..