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Aspects in balancing paint

After ordering the canvas for the new painting commission on Monday, along with some acrylic paints that I’ll need to do the painting, all I could do was sit back and wait for the art materials order to arrive… at some point within the next few days.

But that was fine as I’ve had various other things going in diverse tangents on two of the days whilst I am waiting.

But, other than that, when I have had chance I also knew that I had other research to do for this painting I was going to be working on. Because there are parts of it that will have aspects within in it that will mean something to the recipients, but I wasn’t sure the best way of depicting them. I had some ideas, and the person who is commissioning it had some ideas and we have put our heads together to see the best way of putting those concepts in paint. Acrylic paints

The final decision hasn’t been made yet by me the artist, or more importantly, the client. It is their final say as to what that decision will be.

Then it will be my job as the artist to put those ideas together and depict them the best I can for the painting.

I know the best way of doing that is to do a working drawing to show the client. Then I can put my ideas together, and the client can see how they will look.

My ideas will be based on the artistic look of the painting, the best balance within it, the best way of depicting light and dark, contrasts and tones. And the best way to lead the eye through the painting, so that it looks harmonious.

But without me yet putting any images down, already I know how exciting it will look!

And today………………………the canvas arrived….


And I can’t wait to get started working on it! 🙂