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Silvery moments

I delivered the “Happy couple at the beach” painting at the weekend to the couple who had commissioned it. They had paid me for it and seen the image via an email but it’s not the same as seeing it properly, face to face.

Their reaction, when they did see it, was one of delight and happiness. Which always makes me feel happy when I get that reaction! happy-couple-at-the-beach

They stood admiring it, and he joked that the painting would be framed that afternoon and on the wall, since she was so enamoured with it! She told me where they would hang it in their house and the colour scheme of the room in question and I nodded admiring her choice of colours. They were debating what colour frame to choose, and she mentioned a silver one, and I totally agreed with her that it would set it off really well.

But whatever it would be, she promised that she would send me a photo of it hanging on the wall, and I thanked her. I do love to see my paintings hanging on other people’s walls and seeing the frame and mount they’ve chosen for it, it finishes the painting off so much.