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Re-acquainting with my older Repton black and white drawings

I knew when I started this week sorting out the various updates for my website that it made sense to add the older black and white pen and ink drawings of Repton (in south Derbyshire) to the new batch that I finished off for Repton Parish Council in the summer. Repton is such a photogenic village, and a joy to draw as far as I’m concerned but then I am somewhat biased since I grew up there and know it so well !

The new drawings that I’m adding are ones that I did some years ago but are still valid as lovely drawings I think, and ones I am as proud of now as when I first did them.


The first one is High Street in Repton with the lovely different houses leading  towards the church including a couple of my favourite white and black timbered ones.

The second on is the Old Priory as viewed through the Arch, leading in to Repton School and situated by the church, and again I love the dormer windows in the roof, the old stonework and the tree casting its shade.



The third one is the view of Repton so many people know, of the stone Cross, and St Wystans church behind it. The brick buildings frame the view so well.


It was a lovely reminder in the summer when I did the new pen and ink drawings for Repton Parish Council, about how effective these black pen and ink drawings are for drawing tones and textures from stonework, to bricks, tiles, old timbers, foliage, all drawn with a technical pen to get the fine details and lovely delicate lines. I love them!

But which of these three do you like best?