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In the space after the mystery couple

It’s been really gratifying to hear all the lovely positive and upbeat responses to the black and white painting that I finished off last week for the happy couple on the beach. With a few people I know trying to guess who the mystery couple might be…!

So that means that now I’ve finished it I can get on with catching up with tying up loose ends before I am able to start the next commission…. Artists work space

I want to do some updates on my website, since I’ve not had chance to do that for a while since painting the colourful fantasy fanny paintings that needed doing for the fabulous feminine businesses for another client.

And I also want to chase up a local parish council who I gave a quote to for work earlier in the summer who have gone quiet on me. I fully appreciate that parish councils work at a very slow rate with decisions being made… but it would help to know whether they want the work doing in the near future or their next financial year when their budgets come in.