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Wallowing in the triumphant comments

Well I’m still smiling from all the wonderfully upbeat and positive comments regarding the two Fantasy Fanny logos, and it seems the gold one is the favourite at the moment…. looking classy and sexy and like an illustration from the intro to a James Bond film. With the liquid gold effect reminiscent of hot lava pouring out from a volcano.

Plus some people could see a female silhouette in the centre of the images, which was interesting as it hints at it in the paint, and alludes to it being there in a subtle and enigmatic way. fantasy-fannies-logo-two-finishedfantasy-fanny-logo-colours

And one gorgeously responsive reaction was that the brightly coloured one reminded her of a cyclone map depicting heat and power and explosion and energy, and made her want to emulate how that made her feel! The spontaneous feeling of the orgasm seemed to emulate the sense of energy and power from the many diverse colours radiating out from the centre.

My Cuban friend who always gives me marvellous feedback for my art thought they were absolutely amazing. She thought the multi-coloured one was very attractive but like most other people preferred the gold one and thought it revealed the beauty of female creation.

So all in all, excellent responses… fantasy-fanny-logo-golds