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Half a golden fanny

Having finished the first of the two fantasy fanny logo designs for the client, and being very happy with the way it has progressed and become something that I find both enigmatic, and visually powerful, I have now turned my attentions to the more popular one as far as I am concerned… the golden one.

I didn’t want to do the golden one first, since I knew that it would be more tricky in some ways. Because technically, it was just one colour…. gold. Well, gold on a gold and (other colour that I don’t want to talk about yet until it is fully ready to be shown to the world) striped background. And the point of gold on gold would be that it wouldn’t show up enough. So, although I am more than happy with the gold acrylic paint I am using, I realised I had to put some slight variations of colour within the gold to give it some different textures and tones.

After a bit of experimentation …..

I found that if I used a few small amounts of non metallic colour I could improve on the gold by making it more….. well…golden by using cadmium yellow, or make it more reddish with a touch of red, or darker with raw sienna, or a deeper black gold effect with black paint. All very subtle, and all very delicate, but it worked! Acrylic paints


I love it when an experimentation in colour works. It feeds the artists creativity! And a happy artist makes happy art!

I’ve informed the client today that I have almost finished the second one, and how much better the two new paintings are compared to the working paintings I did a fortnight ago. I can’t wait to show her….. to see her reactions…..