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I can’t get my teeth into it if chunks keep being taken out

I had a plan for today. It involved a small amount of finishing off a painting and taking photos of it so that it could go on an online art gallery. If the day had gone well, as I expected it to, it would be done easily by mid-morning, and I would probably start work on another picture of mine that would have the same treatment. Simple.

Except the day didn’t go as planned, and the post brought an official letter that needed to be dealt with quickly, that involved a couple of phone calls, some big decision making, and a letter written in reply. And that took up half the day by the time it was in the post. Time for tea detail2

Since then, the gorgeous sunny blue sky weather of yesterday and this morning has been replaced with forbidding grey clouds. Which is incredibly bad lighting to take anything like decent photos in when I need to have clear bright sunlight. So I can’t do the photos. If I can’t take the photos, I can’t edit them to show off the paintings details and best points. If I can’t edit the photos, I can’t upload them. If I can’t upload them, I can’t put the images on for the write-up about the painting. And If I can’t do the write-up about the painting, the painting won’t go live on the online gallery. And if I can’t put it live on the online gallery, no one can see it. And if no one sees it, no one will buy it.Time for tea detail1

Not that I am expecting it to sell straight away. It will join the others in that online gallery. But as a grouping, it shows what I am capable of as an artist, and that adds credence to my work, and me as an artist.

Its been a faffy week all in all, and I was hoping for at least part of it being clear to work in. I’ll catch up next week hopefully with less faff!