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I’ve been focusing on the wrong thing entirely

The thing about being any sort of creative person is direction.

And I’ve been focusing on the wrong thing entirely.

Just because one person, in one place, who probably wasn’t looking for the thing being offered, said that they didn’t want it, I have let it be a negative in my life this week.

What I have forgotten, in this intense focus, is that it is one person.

One person who rarely says yes anyway.

What I need to remember, is that there have been hundreds before who said yes.

And need to remember that there will be hundreds more who will also say yes.

Maybe thousands even.

As an artist and creative I need to remember that timing is everything.

And just because one thing is offered, at one time, in only one small direction, doesn’t mean that it won’t be wanted elsewhere in many directions.

When someone else says how wonderful it must be to be an artist, I agree. It is.

Because there are so many fabulous directions to go in.

And doors open in unexpected places all the time.

Which shall I knock on next?!