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Drawing on

Artists work spaceI’ve had a couple of lovely arty days drawing. Does that sound strange for an artist? Possibly, but a lot of what I do and have done recently is painting. And whilst painting is something that’s done on top of drawing, its not often recently that I just “draw”.

The drawing that I’ve done this week has been complicated in a way, not for the subject matter but for the way it had to be done for the clients brief. Two small drawings, one offset from the other so they’re not vertically in line with each other, on an A3 piece of creamy cartridge paper. The drawings had both to be done in a reddish Conte pencil, and made to look old. The subect matter is the same woman, in the top one she is reclining on a chaise longue in a black cocktail dress, in the second one she is in a different room, and also on a chaise long but wearing a little less. The drawings are very tastefully erotic and I’ve loved doing them. But because of the nature of the Conte pencil I’ve had to be so careful of it not smudging as I’ve drawn, as it will mark the paper and is very difficult to remove. It was also an interesting little challenge to get both the images placed on the piece of paper, the layout had to be pleasing to the eye and shown that the two drawings are connected although seperate. Classy, and sexy.