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Bouncing from one to the other

Bouncing from one destination to another on Monday was the logistical problem I expected it to be, but at least I wasn’t on my own! Three other female artists did the same as me and exhibited at both the Ashby Arts Festival exhibition and the Ashby Guild of Artists one at Ticknall. So I was more than ready for a sit down with glass of chilled wine at the end of it, and considering the cold wet  bleakness of the weekend I’m surprised anything sold at all. The general public prefer to go out to art exhibitions when the weather is slightly cloudy but not raining, not red hot because then they stay at home in the garden, and not wet because then they stay at home and watch a film or go to the cinema. But both exhibitions had more sales than last year and I’m delighted that I was one of the few artists who sold, my pen and wash of Ashby castle as shown here.

IAshby Castle drawing always love seeing my artist friends at these exhibitions, seeing what they’ve exhibited, and what the general public have voted for as their favourite painting.  And this year I have three new artist friends through painting the Ashby Arts Festival outdoor boards and have happily said I’ll do another one next year, not knowing what the theme will be yet.

And then at the end of it, wrapping my paintings up to take home, and hanging a couple of my favourites in my hallway, which I use as my own gallery space. Knowing that the pictures will go to other exhibtions but in the meantime I can enjoy looking at my creations.

And now, I have a commission to do, one that I am looking forward to very much…….. erotic, but tasteful.               Of course!