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The message came through that my help was needed, the time, and place stated and I responded that I would be there as requested.

As I parked my car  this morning and walked towards my destination I idly looked at the man walking ahead of me, and smiled. As I drew up next to him I said “I think you’re going to the same place as me!” and he looked at me in surprise and glanced down at the  bulging carrier bag I was carrying that didn’t give any clues away, and even though we were strangers to each other, he knew that we were. I knew we were from what he was carrying and  asked his name, and told him mine as we crossed the road together and to the building that we were both heading for, eventually finding the right doorway and hearing voices inside. I only knew one face in that room, and said hi to her with a smile, and stood watching the others intent on their jobs.  As they worked I asked what I was to do, and was shown my task, and started in the same work as the others, busy and productive but happy to chit-chat. I presumed they all knew each other, as the conversation was easy and flowing, particularly from the comedian in the room, and there’s always one who makes light of the work with playful comments and amusing anecdotes. I added a couple of my own appropriate anecdotes since I may not know the people I certainly knew the subject matter, and they listened and smiled as I listened and smiled at theirs.

The work was completely done in just over an hour and a couple of them left, leaving me chatting with the first guy and  the comedian as we watched a younger woman get to the next stage. I watched her enviously, wanting to do the same, but had to hold back. That day was not today. But its a day I am really looking forward to. I am ready for it, oh so ready for it.

The last half hour of chat was more general, although still the same subject matter and it still flowed easily. We all liked the room, it was ideal for our purposes, and one I felt at home in. The chatter was about how to name todays work……. “Inner angst” was suggested and “Yeti in a snowstorm” another, as we talked a little about our ideas and plans, and as I came away, feeling lighthearted and full of inspiration, I am going to love doing this art board for the Arts Festival, its the first one I’ve done and I’m loving the experience of it, mixing with new artists and seeing what they produce. I’m so pleased I opted to do it with the group and not at home on my own like some of them are.

The first coats of primer paint are on the boards, and they’re ready for their inspirations. All eight by four feet of them! I’m going to love painting this big!