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I’m a little board

Before the meeting started this week we had a visitor who wanted to talk to us. I can’t recall the last time that happened, and certainly this woman was a stranger to me.

But what she had to say she said eloquently…..

As Chairman of Ashby Arts Festival she wanted the local art groups (of which we are one) to participate in the Festival, both as individual exhibitors and individually in their unique gallery. She explained about the open exhibition and where it would be held, and then went on to talk about the other artwork she wanted this year, the theme being (my favourite subject) which could be anyway we wanted to interpret it. (Ok my favourite subject eh I’m all ears). The artwork should simple, and could be in acrylics, or oils, or even just ordinary household paint so long as it wasn’t waterbased. And is to go on specific boards that they supply. Ok, that helps. Did I tell you it was my favourite subject? And ideally she wanted 30 volunteers but had 21 so far (mmmm a bit of pressure then, you’ve got to say in the next day or so if you’re interested as numbers are filling up). And would be vaAshby town 2rnished afterwards. We could paint them at their venue if we wanted to, or they would deliver the board to you if you preferred to do it at home. And there would be a three week time slot to paint it in so that left enough time to get it done. That would be plenty of time for my favourite subject.

She finished talking about it, and I asked if the boards were to be vertical or horizontal and she said either, it didn’t matter.

Ok, her selling the idea done, she then said for anyone interested to let her know within the next day or so…….. I looked over at her and said “Put me down for doing one then”. She looked over at me and smiled happily that she had got another artist to participate and said “What’s your name?” and I replied “Jackie Adshead”. She said “Oh, yes I’ve heard of you!”  (Awww that’s nice. Isn’t it? Presuming that is she meant in a gooooooood way that is). And I said “Well it is my favourite subject so I can’t resist!”.  She didn’t have any other takers that night, but maybe the others will have a think about it and volunteer too, or maybe they won’t.

So now I’ve got to think what I’m going to paint……….

Because I’ve just agreed to paint an image to go on a board for the Ashby Arts Festival in May. It will be hung along with the others in various venues around the town for a week before the Festival, the two weeks of the Festival, and a week after it. Oh, and the boards will be outside, hence the varnish. Ah, and did I mention that they will be on primed plywood measuring um 8 feet by 4 feet. Yeh.  That’ll be a first, doing it that size. ………………..But at least its going to be my favourite subject……. so that will be fun!



And my favourite subject? No, its not what you’re thinking, the erotic stuff. Nah, its the more mystically ambiguous  “Myths and legends”…..Mmm……now…… shall I go for a unicorn….or a mermaid…….or maybe a dragon…..or a golden goddess……mmmm……..