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The phone rings

Earlier on today, the phone rings….


“Is that Jackie? Jackie Adshead?” the male voice enquired.

“Yes it is”

“Hello, my name is ***** and I’d like a nude drawing done for my wife for Christmas”

“Okay…. what sort of thing were you thinking of?”

“Well, I don’t know, maybe something a little bit erotic? I thought it would be nice to have it done by someone local. How much will it be?”

“Well it depends what you want doing, and how much you were thinking of spending. Where do you live then?”

“West Sussex”

Long pause “Do you know where I live?”

“No, where?”

“Near to Leicester”


“Well, I can do a drawing for you, but it will have to be from photos. There’s just enough time to do it, if you email me the photo straight away”

“No, I want to be drawn from life. Can you recommend anyone else then?”

“No, I can’t. I’m your best bet to get it done for Christmas, but only by photo. How did you hear of me? ”

“I Googled you. Ok, I’ll see if anyone else can do it”

“Well there’s no guarantee that you’ll find another artist you like the look of, who will live close to you who can do it, they might live in Scotland, or America”

“Ok, thanks”



I checked the calendar. Yep, the 10th of December………. 14 days to Christmas.