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Random question with a capital THE

Living flame - working painting (2)Whilst sitting quietly relaxing amongst friends, a dark haired woman I didn’t recognise asked me…

“Are you the artist?”

“Yes I am” I said with a smile as I looked over at her.

“Are you any good?”

“Yes, I am!” I asserted with a big grin.

“Can you paint a picture of me and my man naked but tasteful for us to hang on our lounge wall, so if my Mum sees it, it won’t upset her?”

“Yes I can, its just the sort of painting I love to do! Have you got an idea for the pose in the picture?”

And after she’d told me her ideas and we’d discussed it, I asked her where she had recognised me from, since I didn’t know her. And was delighted to hear “Facebook!”

It seems she has friends who are friends of my friends, and that was how she had known me. 🙂