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Christmas cheer at this time of year

Christmas is always a potent mixure of emotions for the majority of us I think.

There is expectant happiness and shining excitement, but with a feeling of underlying sadness.  Although perhaps the sadness is more so because its the opposite of how we’re supposed to feel.

I love to receive Christmas cards from friends, old and new, their good wishes and chatty news of the year always welcome. But I feel a poignancy when a name is missing. I don’t expect the world to stay the same, but  remember the names that have been on past cards that are not there now….. my parents, uncles and aunts, grandparents, friends and family………


The picture here is a painting I did a few months ago. I know its not a Christmas tree, but I think its apt for the message I want to convey. The painting is called “Tree of dreams” and for me shows the love, hopes and desires for the future we all hold within us. Desires for things we want, people we need, and the dreamy memories of times past as well.

Tree of dreams (2)

Christmas is the time for food, and celebration, for sharing and for love.

So, I wish you all those things, however you celebrate your Christmas.

But the thing I wish you most of all, is to be happy with those you love. And raise a glass to those who can’t be with you, for whatever reason.

Happy Christmas!