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What do you give a man to put a smile on his face?

Mmm…what do you give a good friend on his birthday? Someone who I knew really was affected images and also liked erotic art and was fascinated every time I talked to him of my latest painting whether it was erotic or not. The obvious answer to me was a copy of the “Guild of Erotic Artists Volume 2” Book. I was pretty sure he’d like it, and signed it for him the the frontpiece. Wrapped it up, and signed a card and took it along to his birthday party last weekend. He had lots of presents from all his friends, as he’s a popular chap and it happened to be his 50th birthday so we were all celebrating with him. Later on, when he’d had chance to look at his presents he came over to me and hugged me and said how much he absolutely loved it! Loved it so much that he’d spent time looking through it when he should have been with his friends celebrating, he was so enamoured with it. Awww… a good choice then! I was right in my assumption.  Later on after the party I was able to talk to him in more depth about it – how it showcased my artwork, and how proud I was to be part of that book along with the other talented artists and photographers. He smiled when I talked of it, and I smiled knowing that he will have maGEA book cover (2)ny happy hours looking through it. I sometimes forget to mention that I am a Published Artist, perhaps I should mention it more often! 🙂

GEA book - jackie adshead page 1 (2)