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Updates, downdates, and pre-dates

I’ve got a lull in my artistic life this week. No fabulous artworks to paint, so that means the usual reponse to that. Do some admin. If in doubt, website updates is the usual answer.

I’ve not looked intently at my website for a few months, since I know that when I do any updates that all is right, and correct, its just that sometimes things change, or need to be removed, or just re-written somehow the next time. Or added as new information. And that’s what I’m looking at at the moment. So, what to take out? What’s new and ready to go in? There are a few new paintings to go in, and a dilema to consider.


Mmmm… nah, the dilema isn’t ready to go on, it’ll have to stay as “mystery” for the moment. And that’s only because the painting, although finished, hasn’t been varnished, so the painting doesn’t look right, and I’m not showing it to you until it does.

And then, after that, I have the usual consideration regarding Christmas cards. Which of my images is the best one to depict my Christmas message this year. Something that preferably has a slight erotic edge to it, but is also acceptable to everyone I send a card to. And one, in particular this year, seems to be the right one! Oh yes!