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Pulling together

Artists work spaceThe finishing touches for the wedding secret oil painting are coming together. I’ve not finished the painting yet, but am getting close to it. Having said that, I can easily spend half a day just putting a dab of colour here and there, just to give a painting a bit more zing and drama and think I might be doing that on this one. I can’t talk about the actual subject of it, since its secret, but surfice to say that there are a number of things with the picture that have to have a certain light source on them, that wasn’t on them when the photos were taken, and that is part of the “pulling together” aspect that I am referring to.  But, its looking good. Its got to the stage where I can’t keep my eyes off it. And that’s always a really good sign.  If I make a mug of tea, I’ll stand infront of it, looing at it, seeing the subject matter and wondering if I can improve on it, and am looking at the painting, pleased with what I see. I know my paintings go to live with other people, but whilst they are mine, and I’m the only one who can see them, they belong to me!

But they don’t go anywhere until I am fully sure that there is nothing else I can do to improve any aspect of it.

I shall sleep on it tonight. And look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow…..

And the day that I can’t criticise it to myself, is the day its finished.