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How I made four people happy yesterday

Its always nice to make other people happy and one of  my favourite ways  happened yesterday.

Yeh, yesterday was a good day for that indeed.

The first was the guy in Scotland who wanted the painting done of himself that I showed you in the last blog post who contacted me via Facebook to say that it had arrived with him, and how much he liked it. And may have another one done because he liked it so much.

Peacock Mask  (2)The second was a really friendly guy in Yorkshire who rang to tell me that the painting he’d bought from me last week had arrived safely with him and how much he liked it and how it complimented another painting he’d got by another artist. There was also another of my paintings that he’s interested in and may want to buy as well. The one he bought is a watercolour entitled “Peacock Mask” which I’ll show you here, as I love it for its feminine allure and hint of mystery. He loved the blues and greens in it, I loved painting it for the beautiful woman behind the enigmatic feathered mask. I love masks and think they are sexily erotic, and this painting certainly celebrates that and I’m happy that its gone to a good home.

The other two arrived on my doorstep just an hour later on a pre arranged visit that we’ve been trying to arrange for about three weeks now between us. And opening the door to them, their smiling faces were so familiar, because their painting is the one I’ve been working so hard on for the last month or so. The bride and groom themselves, wanting to view the painting that I was happy I’d finished, but they wanted to see in person as it always looks slightly different to the real thing no matter how good the photos are that you send of it. As it was, they wanted two small adjustments made, which I did whilst they were here looking over my shoulder so that I knew that we were all happy with it and saved them making another hour long journey to get to me. I explained how much work I had put into the painting, and I know they realised how much research and artistic ability went into creating it. It was not a simple painting at all, and was quite a challenge to paint it for them. But hopefully it will be a family heirloom after this! I know how excited they are over it, and can’t wait to have it on their wall, but also know that they will have to wait until their wedding day to see it again. I had big friendly hugs and smiles from both of them when they went, and felt a great empathy with them through creating this picture for them, and the discussions and planning that went into it.

So, happy bunny me yesterday, plus four other people too!  Yay!