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Turps head and achy feet

One side effect of doing the “secret wedding picture” (that I can’t talk about) oil painting is that I have to take a couple more breaks in the day than I would normally do. I’m used to painting standing up, its natural for me to do it, so that I can take a step back and view the painting from a distance to make sure it looks right from close up, and from two feet away, and from six feet away. As an artist I always do that to make sure it pulls together as a painting from all distances. So, I expect that my feet feel that I’ve been on them at the end of the day, and I’m glad of a sit down later in the evenings.

But, no, its not that side effect I’m referring to, its the other one, when I crave some fresh air, and go outside for a tea break a little more often. And its the same reason that I had a headache for the first couple of days, until I realised it wasn’t a cold I was starting at all, it was standing over the small pot of turpentine, and possibly the oil paint, and maybe the safflower oil that I use to dilute the paint to a thinner consistency, that was causing it.  But now I know its that, I’m happy to sit in the sunshine for ten minutes or so to clear my head, and go back afterwards and carry on. I’m getting on well with it, and am really pleased with the way its pulling together, the oil paintsoil painting a million times better than the simple watercolour painting I did as my working painting. I don’t know what it is about oils, but they just flow so nicely, I painted a ***  (can’t say!) in the front of the painting, and it looked so effortlessly easy as it sat in its place in the picture, because of the oils.



And last night, I had the email I had been waiting for to confirm that the painting of the lovely little dog so full of character  Millie had arrived at its destination, to find that the message added….

Hi Jackie,  just a quick email to say that your wonderful painting of Millie has arrived safely. I picked it up today and unwrapped it (without damaging any part of it) and it is even more beautiful in real life. The photo didn’t do it justice. You have totally captured her, which is great as you’ve never met her. I can’t tell you how much I love it and it is now safely put away for Christmas.


 So that made me very happy, to get such lovely feedback! 🙂