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I can’t show you, its a secret

Well I’ve been busy creating art all week, but I can’t show you a brush stroke of it. I am currently working on secrets, and they will have to remain secrets for the moment. At some point they will all become non secrets, but until then they will have to remain under wraps.

The wedding painting working drawings have been a great success and agreed by the clients, so now I can draw them out as a proper full sized working drawing to be agreed before it gets transferred to the canvas. I always say that nine tenths of a painting is the thinking aspect, and these drawings are a large part of the thinking, partly to show the client what I am thinking of, and partly so that I know how the picture will look and will know the tones, and the basic colour scheme of the painting. The finished painting will be far more subtle though, and there is no point in me putting in a lot of time into the working drawings since they are only the guidelines, not the finished piece. But, with them, the finished painting will look far more successful.