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Some scribble and mega price tag

Yesterday whilst having a cup of tea with my ex- husband he showed me a painting that his soon to be new wife had purchased, and asked me what I thought of it. I recognised it instantly as a place I’d been too in Venice and admired it for its simplistic form, and massive frame. I don’t know what it cost, but I know where it came from, and know that there would have been a high price attached to it. I am not in anyway demeaning the artist, or the gallery he is connected with, but that picture would have been painted in about two hours, maybe half a day at the absolute most. And my reaction to it was “I can paint better than that!” . But, and this is the but, and has been an ongoing  big but for a while now, I may be a better painter, but I am not connected to that gallery, so buyers percieve me as a lesser artist because of it. The fact that I like painting lots of  different subjects in many different mediums makes me in their eyes a lesser artist because I don’t paint exactly the same sort of picture all the time and churn them out like a sort of artist conveyor belt.

My question is though, is should I start doing that, to make more money as an artist? And would it make me happy if I did.