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Abstracting concepts

Artists work spaceThe workshop that I attended some months ago was an interesting one for me, in that we were taught about painting abstract concepts as an abstract image. I’ve done enough abstract art to know that I like it, and like the way it opens my mind up (the Fantasy Fannies paintings being my favourite set of abstracts of course!).  And on the day, I knew I wanted to paint “Time” as a concept. Time is something we all know of, the passing of it, the arrangements we make because of it. On the day itself, I was so fired up with painting the image of “Time” that I worked flat out, as fast as I could, and painted a 20 x 16 inch painting in two hours flat (drinking tea whilst standing up, not even tying up my undone shoe lace, I was so focused on that picture I wanted to just paint it and get the colours, shapes, concepts, and image down) and did indeed complete it that day. But, I also knew that as perfect that concept was, it was only a working picture, and it would at some point be repainted in more detail as a larger picture. Over the months I’ve worked on it, when I hadn’t got a commission to do for a client, and knew recently that it was close to completion.

Over the last few weeks I have finished it, to the point that I am ready to show it to the world.

So my next blog post will be that, showing you an abstract painting, and you will know instantly that it is about “Time” – although that isn’t its title….. well, not in full.