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Sunny with bright vivid red spots

PoppiesGlorious sunshine, and the whole world looks better!

At the weekend I was able to sit with good friends and enjoy a chilled glass or two, or three, oh, lets have the whole bottle, and spent virtually the whole time outdoors, which is perfect as far as I’m concerned. My fella doesn’t understand my enjoyment of what he refers to as being in “green” – his summing up of the countryside, and finds it unexciting to walk in unless there are buildings or water involved. Since I’ve spent most of my life walking in the “green” I totally disagree of course! I nipped out quickly to take some photos of poppies in a field and ended up taking  almost 70 pictures I was so bowled over with the glorious sight of sunshine on poppies in an English field. It was so quiet I was able to hear the seed heads popping as I stood looking out at the stunning red, golds and greens. I can feel inspiration for a painting coming on! I’m just wondering which medium to do it in, it may be pastels for the bright zinging reds against the greens, or it might be acrylics for the wow factor, mmmm…. I’ll have a think about it.

That evening when I was chatting with some good friends of mine they told me that they had asked their neighbour to pop in and feed the dogs whilst they were out for the day. When they returned home the woman of the house went to thank the neighbour for the favour, but the neighbour looked really distraught, and said she wasn’t at all happy with the painting on the wall, and would they remove it next time she goes around.  Since they are going away later in the summer and are going to ask the neighbour to water the plants, this might be a problem. But have decided they’re not going to.  Its their picture. And they’re proud of it. Its their house, and that wall is where they want it. The fact its in the lounge is their choice. The fact it is of the two of them, and they’re naked is the Roger and Kathy (2)problem, as far as their neighbour is concerned. Would you remove a painting you loved, if a neighbour wasn’t happy about it? My thoughts are that if there was something I didn’t like on someones wall, I wouldn’t look at it.  The picture in question, is this one here, that I painted of them, for them, and put a lot of hard work and effort into getting it right for them. And I know how much they love it. Pictures should be enjoyed, but art is so difficult, since some love it, and some hate it. 

I’ve seen art I’ve hated, but usually its involved flat tones and poor technical ability. But its never been erotic! 🙂