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Judging success or failure

Tree of dreams (2)How do you judge a success – is it the actual things you can tick off – *this happened because I did this* aspect. Or is it the looking for some good out of an action that has been activated. Or am I being blinded by a pattern that is very familiar to me and I need to change the pattern? Its always a dichotomy – to make something work you have to focus on it and practice regularly/if something doesn’t work, change the pattern. I am between the two again.

I can look back at the weekend and say that the local exhibiton with the local art group didn’t go as I’d hoped. But then it never does. It always goes the same way. And if you know you’ve put your best work in, at the best price, then you can’t do anymore can you? And I have had enough conversations with artists who are in other art groups who have exactly the same problem. It’s the life of an artist, not particular just to me, or my art.

But, two diverse conversations in different places at the weekend may well open other things up for me too. And that is always the way of things. If you don’t exhibit then you don’t have the conversations. Simple!

So, its onwards and upwards.