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Horses for courses

Horse whisperingAfter the exhibition of last weekend the few days afterwards have been quiet, which is always the way. But, that has given me time to look for the next commission… and there are two in the offing. One, if I understood properly from someones comment last week – whilst he was actually in an involved conversation with two other guys, was that he was interested in the fact I was an artist because he and his wife do re-enactments and wanted me to put them dressed in their outfits  in a different setting. Now, I don’t know if the reenactments were for the English Civil War, the American Civil War, World War One, or World War Two, or even Starwars or Dungeons and Dragons, but whatever it is, I can do it for them. I should be seeing the guy again this week and will try to find out what he was actually talking about, intriguing as it sounds….

And the other is the name of someone who lives in another country, who was given to me by someone I know as a person who is interested in a painting being done of a horse. I don’t know much more than that, but I have followed up the lead and had a response so hopefully I’ll know more soon regarding that one.

I’m teaching an artworkshop later on in June which I need to prepare for soon so that the pupils know what materials they will need for it. Its to be in acrylics and under the title of “Farmyard animals” which leaves a good wide subject matter.  These horsElliot (2)e pictures I’ve done  in watercolours are a good example of animal portraits, and I’m so looking forward to doing some more.