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Awww thanks for the feedback but theres more to find

 I’ve had some lovely feedback for the picture I did and showed in the last blog post, and have shown again in this post …… here’s a selection of it:


I like it and appreciated it all the more for your explanation as I am not a very artistic person. I thought I could see two fannies in it.

Funny thing is, if you had just said this painting is about three women, it would have been just as interesting. I liked the trees best, and the way they are lined up and fade back. (sorry, i’m useless at trying to explain what i see).

I liked it and the story, wish all art was explained like this. you did a very good job.


I liked the reason, if you hadn’t explained i would have said, i liked everything but the river, lol. i thought the gourge was where the pussy was! 


I love the picture i spotted the breasts & the naked ladies legs but l did’nt spot her fanny till i read the blog its not like me to miss seeing a fanny pardon the pun lol


The thing is, the fanny in it, is only *hinted* at at the gorge, but that isn’t it. Can anyone tell me where is actually is…….? 🙂