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A first from my window cleaner

I always find it interesting to see who is into art, and who isn’t, and sometimes the people you expect to be into it, aren’t. I watched “Grand designs” last night on the telly, and was astounded that a brand new house built by an architect had no pictures on the walls of any of the rooms in his house – you’d think that someone who is that creative would want pictures of something architectural at least.

But I digress….

My window cleaner, who is a friendly smiley faced chap, made me grin with his second, not the first, the second, sentence on me opening the door to pay him for his cleaning services today. The second sentence was – and I quote – “Are you into bondage?” – now, I’m sure there are many people who would consider that sort of question to be somewhat pertinent and intrusive, and in some cases I would agree, but the fact that it followed on from the first sentence made it more acceptable, at least in the circles I am used to in the work I do. His first sentence was “I looked at your website last night, you’ve got some amazing artwork on there” and then he asked his second question, and with a grin, I shook my head, “No I’m not into bondage” and went on to explain that as an erotic arThe Calling (2)tist I have to show that I am happy creating works of art that are erotic between consenting adults, and sometimes bondage is one of them, and he nodded in agreement as we discussed that and cross-dressing ! (as you do!).

I know he’s interested in art though, and we talked of that briefly, and I opened my door wider so that he could see some of the pictures I have hanging on the wall, and he nodded at one particular picture that I’ve got hanging there  – “The calling” and said “That’s just my sort of thing, those faces, and that particular shade of blue, I really love that blue” and I could see why, I love that shade of Windsor blue too, its a deep and rich turquoisey blue colour.

But the picture of mine he loves the most, is one that I’ve been working on for a while, and is propped up ready to be completed at some time that he can see when he cleans the windows, and it is an abstract of “Time” – but again, I found it interesting that it was the same shade of Windsor blue that he liked in it, so I don’t think it was particularly the picture itself, just that that is his colour, the one he relates to, and the one that pulls him like a moth to a flame. I can totally understand that!