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Waiting, putting the poised pencil to one side

Its been a strange week, not helped that I am slightly out of sorts through tooth problems and being on antibiotics. Oh joy, no alcohol. A visit to the dentist today should clear up the dental problem, and by next week I should feel back to my normal self. Whatever passes for normal in my life, anyway.

And in the meantime I am waiting, for various people to get back to me regarding artwork they want me to do for them.

One guy is sorting out some photos for me, as well as more information to enable me to design a very interesting picture full of meaning, for him.

Another guy is waiting to get over an operation so that he can come and pose for me, along with his wife.

And a third guy, after a gentle email reminder from me this week rang me almost immediately after I’d sent it, explaining how much he wants it done, but due to various business, legal, family problems (all of which he told me about in some detail but I shan’t mention here) I could see exactly why he had to put the artwork he wants so much, on hold for a while.

So, I know that some weeks are busy ones, and some quiet. This one has been a quiet one, art wise. But, don’t think for one minute that I’ve not been busy, I have, with other things 🙂