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Over the moon

I’m really pleased with the way the new picture is going at the moment, the new one in moonlight, helped not inconsiderably by playing really loud rock music whilst I painted. Its been a while since I’ve played rock, I usually play dance music, but the heavier beat obviously worked a treat. I’m counting this picture as a “thinking picture” which may actually be *THE* finished one, or become the first work in progress one instead.  This is because I haven’t done a thumbnail sketch but have created the picture on the watercolour paper as I felt was right. Not that there is anything wrong in doing that, but because the picture is so simple with basically only three things in it, and only three colours, its so simple it has to be right, as there is no where to hide any mistakes. No, mistakes isn’t the right word, but everything has to be spot on.  I’ve decided to do the picture in gouache as I like the chalky effect of the paint, although its so long since I last used it, I had to prise the dried paint out of some of the tubes and wet them, rather than gently squeeze the moist paint out. The effect is the same though, when its been mixed with water and applied to the paper. 

The things I want to hide in the picture are well hidden, and work overall with the shapes of the composition. I even have a title for it…. which helps! 🙂

But, I’ll look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow and see if the particular shade of blue is the one I want for the night sky, else I’ll be doing it all again with a bit more greeny prussia blue in it!  And I haven’t decided yet if it would be more effective as a smaller picture than the size I’m painting it. Either way, it’s started, I can’t leave it alone, I keep thinking about it, and want to get on with it!

And as inspiration I’m looking at my picture “The calling” which is totally different, but also quite similar in its concept, but not its composition, to the one I’m working on…… confused? You should be! 🙂