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New moonings and moanings

I knew it was a while since I did my last blog post, I just hadn’t realised it was a whole week that has gone by….

The picture that I was talking about in the last blog post was going well, except that when I looked at it in bright daylight the colour of the sky in the picture was more of a blue with a leaning towards red, whereas it should have been a blue leaning towards green. So, that meant restarting it again as the sky has to be painted in before the rest of the picture. And was I pleased that I made that decision! Pleased to be drawing it all out again? Yep! Pleased to have to repaint it? Yep! Yeh I was pleased, because it gave me chance to redraw it in places, to adjust the parts I wasn’t totally happy with, and make sure I could improve on it. So, yeh I was happy to do all that! I’ve not had chance to look at it for a couple of days, which isn’t a bad thing, as I’ll look at it with fresh eyes, and test it on my fella to see if he can see the hidden images in it without much prompting. And then I’ll show it here on my blog. But not yet, not til I’m one hundred per cent happy with it. but at the moment I’m about 90 percent happy with how its gone.

Other than that its been a week of making phone calls as well as being lost in the fog.  I mean metrological, not metaphysical.

Someone I want to go and see and have an in depth conversation with regarding me exhibiting my work on their walls is on holiday til the end of next week so I can’t speak to them til then to make any arrangements. And I’ve been chasing people up who SAY they are going to come to my art classes, but haven’t actually managed it yet. One woman in particular asked me two years ago when I fist met her if I was teaching art, and I said then that I wasn’t cos I wasn’t, so when I did start last year I rang her last July to remind her of it, she told me that she would love to start in September, but would probably come to one of the classes in August, which she didn’t manage, but she then said that she wanted to come but was away til mid October in Italy with her family but would come to one of the classes in September, which she didn’t manage, then in October when I rang her she said that she had the decorators in and the place was a mess but she would come when she was straight, in November, which she didn’t manage, and when I rang her in November she told me she was ill and not able to do much at all. And this week when I rang her she said “I can’t talk at the moment Jackie, I’m tired”. I put the phone down, sighed, shook my head, and rang her friend who I know quite well and told her this sorry tale and asked her if I was wasting my time and hers keep ringing her and should forget it, and she quietly agreed that her friend has the best intentions but takes on too much and then can’t commit to it all. I am totally and frustratingly non plussed by people like her!!! Why do people do that? Answers on a post card please to “Time wasters or people pleasers whats it all about?”.