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The ultimate piece of art uncovered

Let me tell you about the ultimate piece of art, it’s something that appeals to all art lovers. It has a pleasing form, and will always be found attractive to the eye. There are a million ways of drawing it, and all make it look even more appealing when drawn by someone who loves the subject (as much as I do!).  And even though the subject comes in many shapes, colours, sizes and vintages, it always looks good, no matter how it is captured on the paper or canvas.

I’ve tried over the years to work out what it is that is so appealing about it, and still am not fully sure.  I think its just hardwired into our brains somehow, that we are just programmed to like looking at it, and find comfort in one way, and excitement in the other which is always an interesting dicotomy.

I don’t think I could ever get tired of drawing it certainly. And I like a challenge in my art. If I had to spend the rest of my life just drawing this one subject, and forget about all others, I would happily do it.

My eye looks at the subject as my pencil just gently follows along the curving outline, and even that simple line depicts the image so easily its recognised the world over, without need for words in any spoken language from Chinese to Russian, English to German, French to Spanish and all the others inbetween, its known.  From modern day going back to the beginnings of humanity.

And the name of this amazing piece of art?


At least, a naked woman.

The naked female form is the ultimate piece of art, and it always will be.

Its those soft gradations of tone, the curving lines that I’ve described, the jutting breasts that just make us want to look at her, no matter what size they are or if you like large boobs or small, you’ve still got to look at the nipples. The hourglass figure that flows into the waist and out over the hips, the shapely legs, all made up of gently curving arcs, down to the elegant feet. The nape of the neck down the contours of the back down to the rounded buttocks.

I always say that all women can look beautiful in art, no matter how they think of themselves.  And I’ve painted loads of women in my time. Even though I am without a muse at the moment, I’m sure I will find another in the near future, cos I’m always looking. I like looking at the women I see in the course of my day, from sitting having a drink in a bar or cafe, to doing my weekly food shopping in Tesco, I look at women, and can see the beauty of the venus within. Yeh, even when they’re wearing a pair of jogging bottoms and baggy top with a bawling toddler in tow, or in their sixties with grey hair and crows feet, or in their forties and putting on weight. The beauty is still there, waiting to be drawn. Its what I love drawing best…..