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Tell me your most erotic fantasies I really need to know

As an erotic artist I have various skills and talents that are imperative (big word!) for my particular paint daubed vocation. I am a good artist (that helps!) I am a good listener. I have immense experience of painting diverse pictures for people. I like people. And am interested in them. But I have to ask of them something that they don’t usually share with strangers (well, except on swinger websites and at nightclubs after 16 vodkas) and that was illustrated to me very well recently.  

Whenever anyone wants a piece of non-erotic vanilla artwork created by me, I have to ask oodles of questions – do they want a landscape setting, or more of a close-up study of the subject, is there a colour scheme they particularly want (I once had a woman from California ring me to tell me EXACTLY which shades of which colours I was to use, and which to omit from my painting). I need to know if they want it as a watercolour, or in oils, an acrylic painting, or a drawing. I need to know what size it is to be, and if they have a price range that they need to keep to. I will also ask if they require me to frame it, or if they will arrange that. All of these things I have to know before I can start on the artwork for them. Then they know exactly what they will be getting because I have listened to them, and understand the part of their character that they want to have incorporated in the piece of artwork I will paint for them. You might think that I don’t need to know their character at all, but I do. If they love their pets I will put in long hours making sure that the animal I’m painting looks like their beloved dog or cat. If they love colour, I will incorporate it into their painting. If they prefer the strong black and white contrasts I will put that into the picture. If they don’t like strong sunlight, then I’ll take that out of the picture. Its always created towards what the client tells me when I have the initial chat. I make notes, cos then the client is happy, because I listened.

But, when its an erotic picture they want I have to ask even more questions. Because eroticism is so different in all of us, and depends on whether its male or female. Guys tend to me more focused on what turns them on as specific items – usually suspenders, stockings, tits, boots, and a hint of fanny. But women tend to like the emotion in the picture – like the sensual feel of wearing a corset, or putting on stockings, or if their boobs look perky, and that they don’t look fat in any of it.

So, when someone wants me to paint them in an erotic pose, I have to ask what turns them on. Of course, this isn’t something that they normally tell complete strangers, so they tend to side-step the question by asking what other people have. I can’t answer that any more than I could tell you your favourite song.  I can’t describe a pose either, without knowing what appeals to the client – do you want to be standing, or sitting, or lying down? And I have to ask what you consider your best asset to be – your boobs or legs or bum or cock? (or maybe all of them if you’re built that way!?!)  and what’s your erotic desire? There’s no point in painting a picture featuring a pink fluffy boa if you’d prefer handcuffs and nipple clamps. Or vice versa with chocolate sprinkles. But, asking this sort of question is usually reserved for your lover, or someone you want to be your lover. So, of course, it means that I regularly get asked the question “And what turns you on Jackie?”. I can understand that that question arises, but it isn’t going to be answered. As its actually got nothing to do with the painting. The same way that I won’t get turned on whilst I’m drawing and painting the picture (although I will admit it may do that to me afterwards when I’ve put my paint brushes away). Because what I’m doing is work for me, although it may be play and pleasure, and sexy and enjoyable for the person who is being drawn, I won’t feel the same way. Cos if I did, the piece of art would be shit. I need to concentrate. You need to feel sexy. That is our working relationship.

 But its unlikely I’ll tell you my deepest erotic fantasies whilst I’m doing it.  But now you know why……

But….I’ll give you some clues if I did…. it wouldn’t involve men in make-up and high heels, or nappies, or  smeared on anything.