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Last week flowers this week fannies

Last week I was selling pictures of flowers, this week its fannies!!!!!


You want to know more ……………………………….????!!! Are you sure……? 🙂

Ok, well….Mmm…..where to start…..

Well, it was a stand, at a show. The fact that the show was at Eureka, and run by Erolife, made the event a hellova lot more fun though!

Eureka in Kent is a difficult place to describe to anyone who hasn’t been there. It is a unique set-up as far as I am aware, as it is a naturist spa where you can keep your clothes on the whole of the time you’re there if you want to, and yes I know that that’s an anomaly, and perhaps that’s why its so appealing for the people who go there, as there are no rules for having to do anything you don’t want to or feel happy about. Its certainly a very relaxed and easy going place, but that’s because its run efficiently and well like any decent business. Their visitors like its open and easy atmosphere, the cheeky banter, and sense of fun, with an adult twist, of course. It’s not a place for children.

So, that was the venue for my art exhibition.

And I was there by invitation from Erolife, who run a website for all those who work and have connections in the erotic world (that’s me!). And I think it might be a smallish world, since the same names keep turning up, but that’s understandable I suppose. It reminded me very much of the two times I’d exhibited at Erotica the adult lifestyle event at Olympia, London, and how much I’d missed that easy atmosphere where erotic art is very much the norm, and enjoyed by all.

My fella and I turned up on Friday afternoon after 3 and a half hours in the car, thanks for the latter hour mostly to the mega traffic queue at the Dartford Crossing, so were glad of a hot cup of tea (well, I was!) and a bite of lunch when we got there. Sara and Ben from Erolife had arrived the day before and she recognised me instantly and came over  to greet me with a welcome hug and smile. We spent the afternoon deciding where to put my stand, which had to be in the marquee outside the front door, which meant that although I wasn’t in the main club room, I had more space to advertise my work. Sara kept to her promise of telling everyone in the club to come out and visit my stand later on. They had also arranged an erotic photographer to be there, and a professional pole dancer to come along, and two dj’s to play the music they wanted to create the atmosphere they wanted. We helped out to set the show up for the evening….. my fella and I putting up my banner, and theirs, dressing the venue for the evenings entertainment. And Sara kept her promise of keeping my glass filled with champagne over the course of the evening……….for which I was most appreciative!

And thank fuck goodness I’d taken my long black leather coat with me. Cos it was June, in England, and bloody freezing. And, I was by an outdoor heater! Where has all the summer gone, far, far, far away!

I hadn’t taken a lot of stock with me. I didn’t need to, since I already have some original artwork on the walls there, for sale. So, tonight was about promoting my website and name. We’d put business cards and flyers on each of the tables for people to pick up. And Sara, bless her, pushed my name when she addressed the room over the microphone, and they came out to see me, fortified as I was on champagne darling! :) Visitors to my table dressed in sexy clubwear, of course, asking about the art, telling me which pieces they liked, and deciding what they wanted to buy. I chatted with a French girl (who, come to think about it, was only wearing a pair of high heels although it all seemed very natural that night) who told me shyly that it was her first visit to Eureka, before deciding which print she wanted to buy, and to a Dutch guy who held up a print and asked me what it was in perfect English (all Dutch people speak perfect English!) – I replied “Its a fanny!”, “It’s funny?” he replied, confused by my accent, and I said “No, its what we call them in England”. “We call them vaginas” he said, and I smiled and said “We do too, its just less medical to use that word, more fun, although to Americans the word ‘Fanny’ means bum, just to confuse you even more!” he understood, and nodded at me, I had no need to explain more about the picture! I chatted to others over the course of the evening, and sold some of my Fantasy Fanny prints, the buyers deciding which looked most appealing before making their choice, and telling me where they would hang it. An attractive brunette asked me how much it would cost to have her fanny painted, and asked me if I worked from real life, or photos. Definitely *photos* I said.

I was told how much my work was liked, had great feedback, but by 11.45 I’d had enough, I was cold enough out there, so packed it all away and went in to join the party, warming up, and chatting, drinking, and dancing til 3 when it ended. They’re a friendly bunch there, and its a great fun place. But, I may not have sold much, but I had promoted myself, and over that evening, I had a conversation with a couple in their fifties who said that they had seen my website, and liked my work, and they wanted to talk about having their painting done, probably in oils, the pair of them naked, standing, cuddling each other, a sensual picture, and one that they could be proud of. I nodded, and said that that was exactly the sort of painting I do. I went on to explain that a photo is a split second in time, that shows everything in a stark manner, but a painting picks up all the good bits and enhances them, and ignores the bad bits (cellulite, stretch marks, crows feet). It is still a painting of the person in question, but the enhanced version that makes you look good! They have asked me to advise them with a pose, which I have happily agreed to saying “Of course, that’s my job!” so they are having a chat together about it first, and I look forward to helping them decide on what they want in a week or so’s time, and the best way to do it. It always excites me at this stage when so many options are open, to decide which is the best way forward. Planning an erotic painting, how exciting! And because they had asked me for that work, the woman sitting across from them asked me for a business card too, it’s starting……..

 The following day, over breakfast, I was chatting with one of the guys who works there, he’s full of clever fast chat and banter and I was most amused by the way he described my art…… Posh Porn, he called it!