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Ghostly inspirational

I often have strange conversations, I know its partly because of what I do, but also because of who I am.

But the conversation I had last week was a new one, even for me. The fact that it came whilst I was at The Vanilla Alternative delivering the erotic artwork I’ve been working on for them meant that I could only hear the bare bones of it from the guy at the other end of the phone, and I politely told him I’d ring him the following day so that I could hear better what he was asking of me.

This gave me time to mull it over as well, because I wasn’t sure if I was hearing him right or what exactly it meant.

The following morning, I rang him back, and asked him to explain again what he had told me the day before. He went over the tale again, and I asked various questions, like how he had heard of me – and was gratified to hear that he’s been aware of my website for a couple of years, and likes my erotic art in particular. Nothing new there, but it was good to hear. It was the next bit that had me intrigued. Because although he is an artist, he is also something else in the field of visual creativity.  And he’s got a series of ideas that he wants to put together, which will involve me to some degree, and he wondered what my reaction to his ideas would be.

I listened as he told me about them, and explained what he needed to do. And by the time he had finished explaining it, I could see what he was aiming at.

He was chasing ghosts.

But the ghosts would be telling the story

through a building.

and within that building would be pictures.

my pictures.

And that is what he wants to take to Cannes.

The film festival.

Was I interested?

Well, yes I am.