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No wonder I’m weary it’s all that screwing

My hands ache. But it’s hardly surprising, I’ve been screwing  all day long. I’ve screwed and screwed and screwed, and that’s one of the reasons I hate mirror plates on paintings, cos each picture has two mirror plates and each mirror plate has two screws, and each screw must be no more than the depth of the frame, and some of them are so small I’ve had to use the tiniest brass screws I’ve got – an eighth of an inch long (that’s about three millimetres for those of you who understand those new fangled things 🙂 ). And as well as those I’ve had to screw in the hooks to hang the cord on, tie the cord and seal it off with masking tape, and label the paintign on the back with the details of the painting – you know, title of the painting, the medium its painted in(watercolours, acrylics, pencil, etc), the artists name (that’s me!!!) and the price (very reasonable, of course!). So I bet you’re wondering why I’m tired – well that would be because I’ve done sixteen of the blessed things (including the one featured here – Tickled pink”).  Sixteen paintings to finish off, ready to go and hang on some new walls next week. It’s been a mammoth task getting them all ready, and has taken far longer than I expected, and I’ve not wasted any time on it. So, I’m weary. And ready to eat something simple but hot for dinner (fancy fishcakes with some green vegetables, and wine, oh yes, there will be wine!) So….. this blog post won’t be as long as usual,  its not going to be full of the latest painting I’ve finished this week (three to be exact! I’ve had a very prolific week) or what they are about (suffice to say, sexy ladies doing sexy things – but I’ll tell you about them another day, and I’m sure you’ll be more than happy to hear about them!).


……..but I’ll tell you more about it next week.

I’m off to lavish my poor hands in some thick opulent hand cream, and to find the wine bottle, with probably another one in reserve. Just in case.