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The journey back

The journey there was buoyant, full of jollity, of hopes, full of promise, and smiles.

The journey back was more poignant, quieter, and more introverted.  Not depressed you understand, just more reflective.

Because I was bringing back as many paintings as I’d taken. Not one had been sold, and I had taken a large variety of artwork. I had taken artwork starting at £40 rising up to almost £1,000. Something for everyone, in both the type of artwork and the pricing of it.

The reflection and inner searching helped me make a decision.

I’m not doing that again.

I am not exhibiting in places that don’t virtually guarantee that I make some sales.

Because that’s what I’m after.

I know that a large part of exhibiting is to show the world. I’m fully aware of that. I know that when you exhibit you make contacts, network, and promote yourself. That’s a large part of it too. I understand that. I know how it works.

But, I need the sales.

I need to make a living.

And this exhibition so far has cost me, both in time and petrol.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Sh! I love their stores and where they are situated, both in Hoxton and Portobello. I love the fact they are run by women, for women. I love their open friendliness, and their positive attitude towards sex. I love everything they are. And I am so pleased that I have exhibited there, in their stores. And I know that the people who went to view my art thought it was great, and loved it.

 But, I still need the sales.

Just one, would have been enough.

So, next time, its gonna be somewhere where I’m going to get some sales. And I know times are hard, and people don’t have the wherewithall to spend on art as much as they did.

But, my problem is, that it curtails my creativity when I don’t sell my paintings.

Because, you think, what’s the fucking point? What’s the point of painting, of exhibiting, of spending money, for no sales?

And, I think, what’s the point of painting another painting when I haven’t sold the last ones?

But, it also makes me more focused too.

Of finding the right places NEXT TIME.

Because I need to paint more pictures, I’ve got soooo many inside me still.

Goddesses of the divine feminine