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Limited to a large extent but that makes them more valuable

I’m really extremely excited that I have just started selling Limited Edition Prints. YAY! It’s been a long time coming, but like all good things, worth the wait in getting it twiddled right for all the images concerned. Anyway,  that’s been my concern, and you don’t care about all the background stuff, only the pictures available and their exclusivity. So….

Each print run is for only 500 prints making them very exclusive. They are individually numbered and signed by me, and will be delivered to you rolled into a cardboard tube ready to be framed and mounted to your own requirements.  View them here  on the Limited Edition Prints page and you will see some of my most popular images – from the majestic beauty of the tiger in “Cool regard”, to the ethereal sandy beach of “Where the sky meets the sea”, the ever popular dramatic Venice canal walkway stroll of “Midnight Blue” and the quiet French alleyway of “A step above”. The poignant English cottage garden with its hidden faces in  “Guardian Angels” and the clever and secretive erotic landscape of “Tree of life”. Also featured are the very popular erotic black, white and red  evocative images of “Invitation” and “Red red shoes” and the emotive trio of erotic feminine images “Allure” “Orgasm” and “Afterglow”. And one of my favourite pictures – the brightly coloured and fun “The life of an artist explained” which is a great picture for children and adults alike – both love to look for the vibrant images in the picture, and it’s ideal to teach young children the names of the many items depicted as they search through it. I get a lot of positive comments from it. Well, I get a lot of positive comments about most of my pictures, it’s just that some are more special than others.

So, these are the Limited Edition Prints I’m offering.  They are all my most popular images, and I know they will sell well.  But there are only 500 of each image.

The sizes are between A3 and A2 and are £40 for the A3 size and £45 for the larger size. This includes postage and packing to any destination in the UK but there is an extra charge of £6.50 to any destination outside the UK. You can pay via Paypal, or a cheque or cash if you prefer.

If you have any questions please contact me, otherwise get in touch and I’ll give you details about how to pay for your favourite ones.