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Fifteen ways to distinguish an erotic artist from an ordinary one

  1. 1   When you say you’ve been drawing a pussy, other people just *know* you don’t mean of the feline variety.
  2. 2   Its quite normal for you to be in the company of virtual strangers, who also happen to be completely and unabashedly naked.
  3. 3   When in the company of naked people you don’t ever look below eye level when you talk directly to them.
  4. 4    When in the company of naked people, you never feel embarrassed, or make the naked ones feel embarrassed.
  5. 5    You have conversations of  a medical nature where people tell you very personal things that normally they’d only tell their doctor. But they tell   you that because they know they can trust you.
  6. 6    You keep other people secrets for them, as sometimes their families and friends have no idea of the things they’ve posed for infront of an artist.
  7. 7   You fulfil other peoples sexual fantasies by the fact you draw them doing erotic things.
  8. 8    You are used to hearing the response ” A what?!” whenever you state your job description. Just before they ask for your website address.
  9. 9    When a male erection happens unexpectedly and the owner of it is more embarrassed than the artist, because the artist has seen it all before. 
  10. 10  You have close and personal conversations about the other persons sex lives because in some ways you are treated as a sex therapist.
  11. 11   Creative type people from the other side of the world ring you to talk about sensual artistic matters because they want to help with the art process as it’s different from the type of  career they have, and yet they have an affinity to it.
  12. 12   You have a stronger bond with your collectors because they feel more connected to you through the cement of  their shared sexual fantasies depicted in artform.
  13. 13   The erotic artists open-mindedness is refeshing.
  14. 14   It opens doors to another world beyond the vanilla.
  15. 15   And best of all – it’s more fun!