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Fifteen ways to distinguish an Erotic Art Collector

In a delightful and most welcome follow up to my last blog post about the ways to distinguish an erotic artist, I had this response almost immediately from an art model/collector of mine in America, who sent it in reply to my 15 point list.


Fifteen ways to distinguish an erotic art model/collector:


1.  S/he has strong self-esteem.

2.  S/he is independent of societal convention.

3.  S/he is comfortable with his/her nude body.

4.  S/he understands and accepts nuance and deliberate ambiguity.

5.  S/he knows the mind is the primary sex organ.

6.  S/he is open about his/her interest in, and enjoyment of, sex.

7.  S/he appreciates the power of suggestion.

8.  S/he sees the naked human form in inanimate objects.

9.  S/he finds the diffused light from an open window a compelling reason to disrobe and pose.

10.  S/he has a camera with a self-timer shutter release and a tripod.

11.  S/he hangs erotic art where it may enhance his/her own sexual pleasures.

12.  S/he is accustomed to awkward silences when vanilla guests view his/her collection.

13.  S/he is proud to point out the works s/he modeled for.

14.  S/he is not embarrassed to take his/her erotic paintings to be framed.

15.  S/he is delighted when the artist uses a painting s/he inspired to promote her own work!



So, how many of these describe you?