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Tucked away on page 10

I had a bit of a clue in the week that I would be featured in the paper, from the journalist who wrote the article, but wasn’t sure which day it would actually be.  But fortunately others saw it, before I had had chance to find out, and kept a copy behind for me, so thanks for that if you’re reading this!

So there I was, tucked away – well not that tucked really, it was at the top of the page under the “News in brief” column in the Burton Mail on Tuesday this week (the ninth, if you want to be exact) that the article appeared telling its readership about the watercolour commission I’ve just done of the Old Bothy at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire. (And just whilst I think about it, its quite interesting to note that Burton Mail is based in Staffordshire, Calke Abbey is based in Derbyshire, and I am based in Leicestershire! but none are actually that far away from each other!).
Anyway, the article, if you can read it here, (click on it to expand it) explained about the watercolour painting I’d done recently and described how I loved all the textures in it and how detailed the painting was to capture all that was featured in it.
I rang Stuart to tell him that the article about the painting I did for him was in the paper, and he “matched me” by saying he was having something printed in the paper next week too! He often write articles about local history so its normal in his life to have his name featured in the paper, still he was pleased to hear it, and glad I’d told him about it. 
And its certainly put a big grin on my face too!!!