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Hitting the ground running

Since I’ve got back from my holiday I’ve not stopped being on the go, which is great, and I’m really pleased about. Some holidays it takes a while to get going again  with the work momentum after the relaxing break (or maybe that’s just the jet lag when you feel like shit because you’re wide awake at 3am but half asleep by 4pm!!).  But, I think it helped that on the day that I was travelling back from France there was over 9 hours sitting in a car, and four hours of sitting on a ferry, so I was able to get my mind in gear again, and think of the jobs I needed to do when I got home, so by the time I stepped over the threshold, I was mentally focused and totally tuned into the work in progress.

Which is a lovely job for me to come back to do.

It’s a nude.
Of a man.
In watercolours.

Just the sort of thing, that’s right up my street! 🙂

I’m working from a set of photos, that I took of the guy in question, as it’s easier for me to do it that way. I know when someone is in a pose, it can be hard work, and the pain, concentration, need for a stretch, or an itch, shows on the face, and in the posture, and in the aching muscles. So, I made the decision to do it from photo, which I can do at my pace, and get it right for the client, so that he will look at it and know instantly its him, that he posed for it, but he won’t have the unhappy memories of getting cramp whilst he did it!

I’ve drawn out the image, and am happy with the drawing, so the rest should follow on easily enough after that. I love the way the colours build up slowly, the highlights of pale colour on the skin, slowly building up the tones of colour to make the darks, and give the figure form and life.

And it’s going really well so far…… I can’t wait to get on with it!