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For Four Fores

My friend K called to see me this week, and as always it was really good to see him, to have a catch up chat, our usual shared laughter over mugs of hot sweet tea and to hear his interesting and informative latest news.  We’d got so much to say to each other and it was good to sit outside in the fitful summer sunshine whilst we talked. I offered him another,  rhetorical…..”more tea”, since I know he drinks as much of the beverage as I do,  and he accepted with a grin, and said “Ill have a look at your latest effort whilst you’re doing it” I turned back to him “EFFORT?????!” I queried. And he explained patiently to me “It’s not a masterpiece until its finished, until then it’s an “effort”!” “Ok” I acquiesced with a smile, although he was on iffy ground as far as I was concerned, I’ve not thought of my art as “efforts” for many years. They invariably turn out as I expect, and are always pieces of art from the first pencil line. I consider the word “effort” in this case to describe amateurish attempts at artwork that may or may not become a finished painting.  So, I don’t consider my paintings as “efforts”, not at all! It’s a good job he’s a good friend, for me to let him get away with that comment!!! LOL

But I was more than happy to show him the watercolour painting I’m currently working on for Stuart, of the interior of the Bothy at Calke Abbey. And he agreed with me how detailed the painting is! I’m really pleased with the way it’s progressing, and the drawing out that I’ve done of it. It was always going to be a difficult picture as I’m painting from half a dozen photos to make a whole room, although the photos can’t capture the whole room all together. It’s half painted, by now, and I may use a fine black sketching pen to pick out the detail afterwards, I’ll know for sure when I see how the painting has progressed and see how much it may be needed. And the surprising thing is – I’m loving doing it! Its great fun, and very challenging to draw all the tools, and paraphernalia of an ancient garden shed.

Today, a guy I have only met a couple of brief times before, came to my house on an unrelated to art matter. He and I stood chatting in the kitchen as we drank tea and coffee together (not mixed you understand, that would be the worst of both drinks!), and it was only in passing during the conversation that I mentioned that I’m an artist. “Aaaarrre you an artist?” he asked in wonder, and I nodded at him, and agreed that I was. I went on with the conversation, and skipped over the artist part. It was only when he was leaving the house, that he looked at the artwork on the walls and asked if I’d done it. “Yes!” I said. “What, ALL of it?” he asked, and I agreed with a broad grin that it was indeed all mine. He peered at one of the big cat watercolour paintings that I’d done and asked me how long it had taken. I appraised the picture he was indicating and said “MMMMmmm.. about 12 hours for that one” and he was flabbergasted at that answer and shot back with “Is that all…?” and I answered with a bigger grin “Well, I know what I’m doing!” and he nodded in understanding, especially when I went on to say a bit later on that a painting actually takes “12 hours AND forty years of experience” – THEN, he understood!!!!  🙂

And the reason for the strange title for this post…? Well, this is the four hundred and forty fourth blog post…… so I thought it worth a mention……. don’t you…?  🙂