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Alcohol is the answer, now what’s the question?

Sometimes you wonder if its all worthwhile. All the false starts, perplexing information, opposing information from two unconnected sides, and me stuck in the middle. All I’m trying to do is knit two sides together, with two simple actions, that should be the easiest thing in the world to do. And I wouldn’t mind, but I did it all four years ago anyway! There’s these two huge organisations, and little me stuck between them, trying to get things working happily between them. And none of it is anyones fault, and no one is to blame,  which probably adds to my perplexed state! Let me explain…..

It all started about four weeks ago when I tried to take a small amount of money out of my own personal bank and pay it into Paypals account to pay for something I’d ordered online. I like Paypal and find it a very useful way of paying people, and receiving money.  A simple matter you would think, except it seemed to cause them some problems and they said they’d paid it but then said I’d have to reconnect my bank account to them. Which I did. But although they said they’d done their side of the bargain by depositing two small amounts into my bank, the bank said they hadn’t received it. So, I did it again, and again Paypal said that they’d paid two small amounts into my bank, and again the bank said they hadn’t received it. And, even a third time, and still it didn’t work.  And we were three weeks down the line. HHmmmm…. Why isn’t this working? So, it seemed the best option was to use another bank account and try again. Which I did, last week, and eventually all seemed right in the world of commerce and the two small amounts duly arrived in my account as promised. Great, a result! It seemed a small thing then to inform Paypal and they were happy and immediately told me that all was right between them, me and the bank. Yay! Lets all dance the happy dance. So, just because I like to be sure that all is as it is said to be, I double checked it by transferring a small amount out of the Paypal account into the new account. And it said it had done it, Yay, even more happiness abounds! I carried on doing the things that made up the day, and lo and behold within half an hour had an email from Paypal saying that they had closed the link to the bank as its not valid……………. Whattthef…?   and more to the point, where’s my money gone?  A long phone call to the bank (four miles away) and Paypal in Luxembourg (a little further away) and it seems that the bank don’t know anything about it, and are as perplexed as I am, and all is fine as far as they are concerned. Ok, then, what seems to be the problem with Paypal? They also seemed to be perplexed too, and said that the bank details aren’t valid. But, logic tells me that it must be, because how else could they pay the two small amounts into my account…mmm……..? And then we had the simple little question that I didn’t fully understand at first, since it didn’t have any relevance in my life – and that was whether it was a “savings account” or a “current account”? I don’t know, they’re both bank accounts, what difference does it make, they both take money, are both with the same bank, and both seem to look the same, other than the account numbers, what does it matter? But, it does seem to matter, and does appear to be the answer to the mystery of the knitting! I came away a little more enlightened, and rang the bank again to ask them if that was indeed the case, and it seems it might be, although they seem to think it shouldn’t be! So, then, what’s to be done to solve the mystery, and get these two organisations talking to each other……. and it seems to be to me to create a new current account, one that everyone is happy fits the criteria to cause happiness and harmony in the land of commerce. So that’s what I’ve done. And if it doesn’t work this time, heaven knows what the answer is. Ask people to pay me in buttons maybe, or

You wouldn’t think buying a simple little wine rack online would cause so much trouble, would you!