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Quietly questioning, and all that it entails!

Although I’m busy finalising the planning for the painting I’m doing, I also need to think long and hard about the talk I’m doing at the library at Burton on Trent in less than a fortnight’s time.

I’ve got my talk half written, but it needs to be more succinct, and I need to have it as word perfect as I can, for the night.

So, to that end, I went for a walk, deciding that physical movement would be more conducive to evaluating thought processes.

It didn’t matter that it was raining.

It seemed to add to it, somehow, so I didn’t bother taking an umbrella, and expected to come back drenched. I didn’t, in the end, get totally drenched, but I was certainly a little moist around the edges! But, I was definitely  more mentally focused, because of it, so that was good! I spent the forty minutes of walking going through the talk, and thinking of the order of the way I wanted to say things.

And hadn’t been back long, well, long enough for me to dry off, change my wet jeans, make a cup of tea, and think about what I was going to do next, before the phone rang.

It was a journalist from the Burton Mail paper, wanting a chat about the talk I shall be doing at the library, as he’s going to be writing a piece for the paper and although he already had a press release about me, he wanted a bit more information to pad it out a bit.

We talked easily and he asked me what my feelings were about doing the talk for the library and I told him how proud I was as a woman artist to be part of the celebrations for International Womens Day, and talked a bit about my art, my life, and how it was helping me to focus again after the challenges and traumas of last year. He listened, and asked a few questions, and wrote as I spoke. Then he paused, and asked me if I’d like to be involved in a feature the paper does regularly, asking the same questions of all manner of people in the news at the moment. I said I’d gladly like to answer his questions, and we made an arrangement for him to call me back in the very near future.

And then I voiced the question that was paramount in my head.

“And are you going to give me prior notice of the questions, or do I just have to answer them when you ask them?”

He chuckled, and said that of course he’d give me the questions beforehand, as the answers would be better if I could mull them over first.

And told me what they were…….

Where was I born and bred?
Favourite book, film, food?
Proudest moment?
Most embarrassing moment?
Biggest inspiration?
Hopes for the future?
Biggest/best achievement?
If you ruled the world…………………..
Pet hate
Greatest love
Favourite belonging?
Perfect night in/out?
What would your epitaph say?

Phew! So, nothing much there that’s easy then! I don’t even know that I can narrow my favourite film down to JUST the one! At least I know where I was born, and what my favourite food is, but the rest of it…MMmm… deep stuff!

And, just to make it even harder, some of it can’t be mentioned in a family newspaper……. unless I can word it a little differently……Well, I AM an Erotic Artist after all !!!!   LOL