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Four hundred and blustery

Four hundred.

Four hundred with this one.

Blog posts that is, that I’ve written since I started in March 2007. Its almost the anniversary of that coming up soon too, and I still love it as much now as I did then. Perhaps more so, because more people comment on it in real life.

So, what am I going to talk about today?


I was at an art meeting last night for one of the art groups I’m a member of. And we’d discussed various things to do with forthcoming exhibitions, finding new venues, new members wanting to join, the usual stuff of artist groups. And we’d got to the point towards the end of the meeting when other people were discussing subjects that didn’t really relate to anything that I needed to put any input into, and my mind wandered off…….as it does to us all when we have free moments…..

The woman opposite me, who is someone who is used to me smiling at her and making funny comments, looked over at me, and commented on how serious I looked, and I said quietly “I’m thinking”…….

I didn’t have chance to tell her later on what I was thinking of, though.
And she’d have probably thought it very odd if I had!

It was wind.

Not wind as in the embarrassing trapped body sort of wind, wind as it weather.
And more to the point, how I was going to capture it within the painting I’m working on at the moment.

Because part of the brief for the landscape painting is that it is Autumn, and there are leaves blowing, and that there is wind.

Which is fine, because that’s easy enough, to paint blowing leaves to emulate wind. But, it’s far more than that, because this painting is abstract. So, that makes it more difficult to depict. Because I need to show the wind, within the paint. But, last night, whilst thinking, I think I may have found a way of doing it! A way that makes me happy that I’ve got it right, and that it will work as a concept.

And it involves black paint, and also silver paint.

And just to excite me even more, the art supplies that I ordered last weekend arrived this morning with a friendly van driver. He brought me a large canvas to work on, and some paint…various colours of oil paint……. some of it………… in silver!