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Competition answers

Thankyou for the interest in this little competition – both here as comments and privately by email.

Right then, here they are the answers to the competition of the erotic abstract that looks like an abstract:

1. How many people are in the picture?     Three

2. How many men are in the picture?     One

3. How many women are in the picture?     Two

4. How many hands are in the picture?    Three

5. How many breasts are in the picture?    One

6. How many fannies are in the picture?   None, but there is just part of one visible
7. How many cocks are in the picture?     One

8. How many bums are in the picture?     Two

9. What is the red shape at the top left hand side?   the man’s arm and wrist

10. What is the red shape directly in the middle of the picture?   The shadow under one woman’s arm and the shadow of the other woman’s knees.

So it looks like I get to keep my painting of “Kiss” then, since no one guessed correctly!

And I bet you’re now looking at it again and thinking …………………. how? what? where?

I’ll explain all soon, but in the meantime it will help you to know that there aren’t any full heads in the picture (although parts of two are visible) and no feet.

Does that help? Probably not!!!! LOL