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Windows on the world

There I was, quietly working away, when…

The phone rang…….
I answered it (as you do….)

“Hello, can I speak to Mrs G”
“She doesn’t live here any more”
“Oh. (pause) Are you the new home owner?”
Cautiously I replied with a “Yes”, waiting for the loaded next question….
“In that case, do you know that your windows need replacing?” she chirpily asked.
“Do they? Why is that then?” I asked her.

“Because they’re ten years old!”
“Are they indeed?” I replied with a smile “How are you aware of that?”
She paused, obviously reading something in my amused tone.
“Have you replaced them recently?” she asked me suspiciously.
“No, I haven’t” I replied crisply, with an inward smile.
“In that case they need replacing, because they’re ten years old!”
“Mmm….. that’s interesting that you think that ,as the house is actually only EIGHT years old……………………………..”

I came away from the phone with a smile. And then a thought. Maybe I ought to check with Mrs G who I bought the house from in December, who bought it from brand new, to see if the windows ARE infact ten years old. Perhaps they stood alone and freely on the building site for two years before the house was actually built………………

I went back to the job I was doing. Working on the erotic abstract which was coming along nicely. I’d started with an image that was definitely erotic, and drawn it out as a line drawing, which just simplified the basic shapes. But, it was still erotic, and quite obvious to anyone as to what it was. And then came the fun bit. To take that basic image and disguise the shapes and lines. To do that, I looked at where the image had light and dark areas that merged together, forgetting the lines of the bodies, and just looking at the shapes and how they appear together, and marrying them together, making them less obvious. That already makes the image far more abstract. But the next stage will be to take each of those shapes and change the tones for contrasting ones, as that will disguise the shapes even more so. So where there is light, I will make it darker, and where it is dark or medium tones, I will lighten them. I’m hoping that at the end of it, even I will have problems seeing what is where. Then it will truly be abstract.

But, not to the point where you can’t see what is what, if you know where to look…. and how to look at it…….. its just tricking the eyes, and then teaching them how to look in a different way……